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Krystal White 

Krystal White is the founder of (two nonprofits), “A woman Is” and “I Need You.” Both nonprofits are dedicated to uplifting and making a difference within the black community by giving black people both a platform and safe place where they can learn how to be the best version of themselves.


Krystal has a strong background in both finances and collections where for roughly three years she helped the District of Columbia Government collect debt that was owed by constituents. Krystal is currently enrolled at the University of Maryland where she is studying to receive her undergraduate degree in criminal justice.


Her career goal is to become a criminal attorney where she would love to provide legal services to African Americans house in prisons that can not afford an attorney. Krystal also would love to dedicate her time and service to fighting for inmates that are serving time in jail and in prisons for crimes they did not commit. She has dedicated her time to learning about the 50% of African Americans housed in prisons who are found guilty before their innocence is even proven. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, volunteering, and donating to different organizations.


Samona Robinson 

Samona Robinson is the CEO and founder of HER Vision Media Productions, a social media marketing agency. She is also the CEO and founder of Mocha’s Boutiquee, an online clothing and accessories boutique.


A Maryland native, Samona graduated from Henry E. Lackey of Indian Head, Maryland in 2005. She went on to study at Concord University where she received her Bachelor’s of Art in Communication 2009. While in college Samona was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder at the age of 19 that change the course of her world. Throughout her journey Samona faced many hurdles. She battled with depression and anxiety for most if not all of her 20’s. December 2012, Samona married her handsome husband, a United States Army soldier and they later had two beautiful children that keep them on their toes.September 2015 against all odds, Samona graduated from Columbia Southern University with a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership.


Samona is a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur building an empire for her family. She’s dedicated, committed, and driven to give back to community and help young entrepreneurs push to get to where they want to be.


Twanita Dozier

Twanita Dozier is a Speaker, Author, and CEO - with a passion of empowering minority entrepreneurs. She is all about bridging the gap of representation and support of minorities in business and media.


Known as Media Mogul, she is a Chicago native with a very diverse background in Education, Social Services, Human Resources, and Communications. She is the creator of Boss Up Magazine, The Boss Experience mobile app, The Cupcakes and Conversations Social Tour, and The Emerge TV network.


Twanita is all about providing support to those who need it, and strives to ensure that her platforms do just that. Her platforms were not only created to break barriers, but to elevate emerging entrepreurs and provide resources.


Mary Karanja

Mary was born and raised in Kenya, but after transitioning to the USA she faced many struggles. These struggles fueled her to continue moving forward and helping fellow immigrants to transition without traumas of being new to the country. She has experienced difference misconceptions and stereotypes but is aware that everyone’s experience is different.


In Kenya, the availability of Sanitary towels for young women is limited, one of her goals is to make health education and provide sanitary towels more available for young women in Kenyan schools . She is part of an organization that raises awareness for the lack of sanitary towels in Kenya and hopes that one day girls won’t miss school due to the lack of sanitary towels.


She received her education at the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor's in Science and is currently  pursuing a Masters in clinical nurse leadership. Currently, Mary works for Montgomery County Public Schools where she works with children who has autism.


Tirhas Kibrzghi

As a child born in the middle of a gorilla warfare to two freedom fighters it is no surprise that Tirhas’s childhood experience was different than many. Despite the circumstances Tirhas upbringing has taught her true value in perseverance, dedication and true meaning of sacrifice.  Tirhas educational background includes a B.A in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics from Trinity University in Washington DC. Tirhas have a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Global and Community Health from George Mason University.


Tirhas currently work as a data analyst for Mary’s Center an organization dedicated to serving the DC area’s underserved population. For many years I worked as a contractor for the DOJ supporting the 911 Victims Compensation fund. Her lifelong passion is to bring healing, faith and opportunities to underserved communities and individuals who are experiencing hardship.


Paris Kelley

My name is Paris Kelley. Born a California native, I left the sandy shores of Los Angeles to peruse higher education at Alabama State University. I went on to graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in criminal justice and juvenile institutions concentration and a minor in sociology. I later continued my education at Columbia Southern University earning a Masters of Science in criminal justice administration. At a young age I discovered my love for our youth and more specifically those deemed troubled by societal standards. As a former department of corrections case manager my motivation has derived from a desire to reduce recidivism rates and statistically increase the success of life after prison. 


I am the owner of ViivaFIT L.L.C. Which provides functional and stylish women’s fitness apparel. More than providing products I aim to encourage women on a journey to a healthier life internally as well as externally. I am an advocate for self love and self esteem. As a firm believer in the ViivaFIT motto, victory is in vision and action, together we can get the job done! 


Medjean Charles is the CEO of Charley’s Touch an Organizational & cleaning business. A Philadelphia native with Haitian Dominican decent. Medjean has served in the Army for 10 years and is currently working as a Cyber Security Engineer in the Maryland area. A mother of two with a heart to serve. Dedicated to lifting others up and pouring back in to the community. 

Medjean Charles

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