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Portrait of Young Woman

Who We Are

A Woman Is was created after the founder, Krystal had her own personal experiences with domestic violence, low self esteem, and depression. Krystal suffered for many years during and after the trauma, and had no one to talk to outside of family or friends. Knowing what she knew for herself, she knew that there were probably many other women who were more than likely experiencing this same thing. 


With not many platforms for black women, Krystal created a safe place where they can come and be transparent as possible without the judgement of others or the bias opinions. 


 A Woman Is strives to help both young black girls and women find the best version of themselves in a capacity that is beneficial for them. We never pressure, but is an organization that sympathizes, actively listens, and provides the best resources suitable for each woman's need.


What We Do

After experiencing trauma it is very hard to be HONEST with yourself, but it is even harder to LOVE yourself. Here at A Woman Is we strive to heal you within because the external is where the healing process begins and will end.


Method (1) that we use consist of; therapeutic conversations where in some instances we connect you directly with a therapist who specializes in your trauma needs.


Method (2) is used through self-reflection. With self-reflection you are looking deep within where you reflect on your own: thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviors. Self- Reflection is one of the hardest things to do because it requires honesty and full transparency. 


Method (3) that we use is through self-assurance, where we practice building confidence in one's own abilities and character. 



Committed to helping young black girls and women discover their strength while educating them on knowing their self-worth. 

Relieving the brokenness by repairing the pain.

Know your worth!

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