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Meet the Founder


Krystal White is the founder of, “A woman Is,” she comes from a history of TRAUMA . After being held hostage to TRAUMA for so long, she eventually lost herself. In 2014, she found her strength and her courage to finally get away and put the pieces back together. The journey was not easy, though she never anticipated it would be.


After years of struggling with the aftermath,  she finally found her place in the world and she eventually began to envision what her place in the world would actually look like. Through self-reflection and self-assurance she was able to dream and set goals for herself.  For the longest, Krystal struggled and lived life off of fear, especially when it came to making decisions, forming this non-profit was one of them. She had the sight, but no vision.


Through research, she discovered that there were very limited, if any platforms for black women who struggled with domestic violence, low self-esteem, and mental illnesses, so formulating something of this nature would be a great way to give back to the ones who needed it most. The fact that there was not enough resources was not enough to ignite the fire in Krystal. However, one Sunday at church, it was announced by her pastor that a young black woman had lost her life to depression. As the video in church played reminiscing over the woman’s life: it left Krystal stuck, confused, and above all with questions. “How could a woman who seemed to be well on her way, so happy, die from depression?” That moment was the light to a flame for Krystal. So, in January 2020, she started dedicating her time and efforts into creating a platform that would give black women what they needed most: resources,  strength, courage, empowerment, and above all LOVE.


“If I can reach just one, I know I am making a difference.”



-Krystal White, Founder 

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