A Message To You 

A Woman Is would first like to send you a WARM THANK YOU! Without your continue support none of this would be possible! 

Many of our women  come from a long line of: depression, relationship traumas, battling with their own self, and many other traumatic experiences. We have found that many of our women are suffering silently because they are: afraid, they don't have the proper resources, or feel they can't afford to get the help that is needed. A Woman Is, is working hard to change that! 

That's where you come in, with helping us to make a difference. With your donations we are not only able to provide FREE therapeutic services, but we are also able to create more programs that can make a huge impact in the lives of many of our women who are suffering. 

Let's come together and make a difference!

As always, we thank you for your continue support!

A Woman Is Organization