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The process of becoming stronger and more confident...

A Young Woman Writing

Trauma is real; no matter the type it can all be life changing.

A Woman Is takes each month to highlight a woman who has overcame some form of trauma. The impact of sharing your story is HUGE. It takes full transparency and strength to be willing to open up closed wounds or wounds that have not yet been healed. We put no emphasis on any story as ALL stories are impactful; rather big or small WE ENCOURAGE ALL to share!

By sharing your story you will receive compensation of $100.00 at the end of your highlight month (28 days, 30 days, or 31 days). Your story will be posted on the website for one whole month and we will also display your story on social media platforms where it can receive exposure from all over the world.


Why you should share your story...

- Helps you to heal

- Removes any fear and grants you courage 

- You become a resource for others who are suffering from trauma 


Here's to your healing journey!

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